Sup. Nathan Fletcher refuses to say if County can legally require employers to mandate vaccinations

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – During Monday’s San Diego County press briefing, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Dr. Wilma Wooten warned the public of a rise in cases due to the Delta Variant.

Due to the rise, Fletcher announced that San Diego County is “recommending” that ALL employers require their employees to get vaccinated, or undergo weekly COVID testing. The county will be requiring the same of its employees starting this month.

Dr. Wooten said our situation “will get worse before it gets better.” Wooten also told San Diego, “we are in the middle of a surge right now.” On the other hand, during the question and answer part of the presser, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher admitted hospitalization levels “are at a fraction” of where they were in January, a time he referred to as a “peak.”

But one of the most noteworthy statements of the press conference came at the very end. Supervisor Fletcher was asked if San Diego County has the legal authority to require this “recommendation.”

Someone from off camera asked, “is there a legal justification, and does the county have the ability to require businesses to require vaccines?” Fletcher responded, “today, today, we are recommending it.”

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