Super bloom leads to increase in allergies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Increased rainfall over the past few months which is expected to lead to more plant growth and blooming flowers. With more plants comes more pollen from flowers, trees, grasses, and weeds, which has already been seen this already with the super bloom.

Pediatric Allergy Specialist from Rady Children’s, Akilah Jefferson, M.D. joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss this year’s allergy season.

How do you distinguish between allergies and sinus infection?
Patients with allergies and infections both feel bad, but the symptoms are very different. In allergic nasal disease the hallmark symptoms are clear runny nose, sneezing, and stuffy nose. The eyes may also be affected (watery, itchy, red). Allergies are very responsive to oral antihistamines and also intranasal steroids. Sinus infections usually present with discolored nasal discharge, sinus pain and pressure, malaise, and sometimes fever. Infections are not very responsive to traditional allergy medications.

What is the best treatment/tips?
If you’re allergic to things outdoors you can limit your exposure, and/or take medications to help decrease symptoms. Limiting exposure consists of closing windows, using air purifiers indoors, and even changing your clothes after you’ve been outdoors for a prolonged length of time. Long acting oral antihistamines and intranasal steroids can provide relief for many patients. If symptoms are refractory to first line medications then we can consider allergy shots for patients. Allergy shots consist of weekly to monthly shots that help the body become less sensitive to environmental allergy triggers.

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