Supervisor Desmond and a group of elected officials unite to urge safe reopening of California

Supervisor Jim Desmond joined KUSI News after the event to speak about the support they received, and how the group of elected officials working to reopen our state is growing.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Elected representatives from California have continued to be vocal in their support to safely reopen business in their respected jurisdiction. The OpenCalNow movement is comprised of a group of elected officials, leaders, and businesses working on behalf of the public to safely reopen California.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond at the event alongside Riverside County Supervisor Hewitt, and Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner.

The group is requesting local control over deciding how and when to reopen businesses in their respective districts.

Currently, all California districts must adhere to Governor Newsom’s strict reopening guidelines.

Supervisor Desmond says from day one, he has been citing the extremely high survival numbers. Desmond suggests we protect the most vulnerable while allowing the rest of society to get back to work because the virus poses essentially no threat to them.

Posted by Supervisor Jeff Hewitt on Monday, September 28, 2020

The complete list of elected officials who participated in the event is below:

  • Riverside County Supervisor, Jeff Hewitt
  • San Diego County Supervisor, Jim Desmond
  • Orange County Supervisor, Donald Wagner
  • Riverside City Council, Chuck Conder
  • City of Menifee, Mayor Bill Zimmerman
  • City of Banning Mayor, Daniela Andrade
  • Calimesa Mayor Pro Tem, Lina Molina
  • Banning City Council, Art Welch
  • Beaumont City Council, Lloyd White
  • Beaumont City Council, Mike Lara
  • Calimesa City Council, Larry Smith
  • Calimesa City Council, Ed Clark
  • Menifee City Council, Dean Diene
  • Canyon Lake City Council, Jeremy Smith
  • Many local business leaders

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