Supervisor Desmond details case against SANDAG’s $177 billion transportation plan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – About 3% of San Diegans use public transit, but SANDAG’s new ‘Big Bold Vision’ will cost an estimated $177 billion. To put that in perspective, Supervisor Jim Desmond compared it to the International Space Station, which cost $150 billion.

SANDAG’s transportation vision strips the promised HOV lanes on the 78, the 52, and the second HOV lane on the I-5 north to the 78. The new vision also eliminates highly needed fire evacuations lanes along the 67. All were promised in the 2004 tax.

SANDAG’s Executive Director, Hasan Ikhrata, is scheduled to present the plan to the SANDAG Board Friday.

Desmond is against the plan because of the enormous cost, and believes there is no way to pay for it. Desmond is against taxing San Diego taxpayers yet again, especially during a pandemic where most people are being hurt economically in some way.

Desmond said “fixed rail is very limited” while “roads give you freedom to go anywhere at anytime.”

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