Supervisor Desmond requests County Health Officials to reopen schools and have more transparency

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) –  Wednesday, KUSI aired an extended interview with San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher about our local response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fletcher explained how he he feared reopening to fast would “put us in the situation we’re in now.” Fletcher warned that we could end up like Arizona, “where they’ve run out of ICU beds in certain jurisdictions.” But, Arizona ICU beds are filled with a majority of non-COVID patients, and it is normal for hospitals to operate with ICU capacity over 90%.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond has opposed the policies supported by Fletcher, and is a supporter of getting our businesses reopen.

Desmond explained, “It is not a choice between the economy or public health, we can do both. And actually, we have to do both.”

Furthermore, Desmond highlighted the declining hospitalization and death rate of the coronavirus as cases rise. “95% of the people who die from the virus have underlying conditions,” he said.

Desmond has also been advocating for the reopening of schools, citing data and science that show children have extremely low risk to the virus.

Desmond discussed why he wants more transparency from San Diego County Health Officials and why he opposes how they are handling our local response on Good Morning San Diego.

Supervisor Fletcher’s full interview from Wednesday can be seen here or below:

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