Supervisor Desmond urges county to reject state’s COVID-19 reopening plan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A San Diego County leader will present his case for ditching the COVID-19 guidelines set by the state. On Tuesday, County Supervisor Jim Desmond will urge his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors to stop enforcing the rules that determine which businesses can operate.

Desmond said the state’s rules are unworkable and unrealistic, and he’ll ask the other supervisors to approve his proposal to stop enforcing them.

With an uptick in Coronavirus cases, the county could be moving soon to a more restrictive category, as defined by the state, from red to the stricter purple tier, which would slap new constraints on many businesses that were just allowed to re-open.

Supervisor Desmond said we don’t need the state to tell us what to do. He said hospitalizations are down and at this point, the county should allow the re-opening of most businesses, while maintaining the focus on safety measures such as masking and physical distancing.

Desmond was confident that most businesses in the county will want to follow the safety rules.

Angela Landberg is the Executive Director of North Park Main Street, the area’s business association.

Landberg was not sure how safety rules can be adequately enforced, without city or county personnel to do that, she said enforcement would fall on the backs of the business owners, who already have many more challenges in keeping their businesses alive.

County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar said she supports the concept of gaining more local control, but she warned that turning our back on Sacramento could mean the loss of tens of millions in Cares Act dollars, which were allocated to the county from the state.

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