Supervisor Fletcher says we must follow health orders to resume youth sports

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) –  California coaches and parents are advocating for Gavin Newsom to allow youth sports to resume “because their very mental health depends on it.”

Torrey Pines Football Coach Ron Gladnick has been leading the “Let Them Play California” initiative to salvage a year of high school sports that our young athletes can never get back.

Gavin Newsom has banned youth sport competition across the state amid the coronavirus pandemic, but many of our young students rely on sports to continue their careers at the collegiate level, and sports help them grow their maturity and life experiences at such an important time in their lives.

Other states have successfully completed their football seasons, but California continues to implement the strictest lockdown policies.

Gladnick said he has reached out to Supervisor Nathan Fletcher “through his office, through his email, using other media personalities, talking to you, and so far there is zero response.”

On KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, Gladnick explained that “outdoor sports are safe, and kids need to be outdoors playing sports with their friends.”

Furthermore, Gladnick asked, “how many kids have to commit suicide to get the Governor’s attention?”

Following up on the push to resume sports by “Let Them Play California,” KUSI’s Brandon Stone asked Supervisor Nathan Fletcher about the possibility of the dream becoming a reality.

Coaches, parents and students around the county have been voicing their concerns to KUSI News, the community and Supervisor Fletcher about resuming sports.

So, KUSI’s Brandon Stone asked, “I’m wondering, A., if you’ve seen their requests, B; if you’re willing to be a part of an online meeting with that group, and C; what are your plans with helping and assisting our kids getting back on the field?”

Unfortunately, without directly saying sports will not be back in the near future, Supervisor Fletcher explained that, “our hope is that certainly by the Fall, all of our sports are back, and we’re doing what we can in order to achieve it.”

Fletcher continued, “If you’re facing 3rd and long, that is a situation where you really oughta listen to football coaches, if you’re facing a global pandemic, that is a situation where you oughta make sure you listen to public health experts and doctors. So, I’m happy to meet with any community group out there, but if we want to get our kids back in school, we need to follow the public health orders, we need to slow the spread, we need to get people vaccinated.”

Fletcher said he “would do his very best to meet with any group out there that has a concern,” but has not gotten back to Coach Gladnick who has reached out to Fletcher and his office multiple times.

The full exchange is below:

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