Supervisor Jim Desmond publishes video messages calling for immediate reopening of San Diego County businesses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond has recorded a video message calling for the immediate opening of businesses in San Diego County.

Supervisor Desmond says “we are a government of, for, and by the people” and the reopening is “about moving from essential to safe.”

The full video has been transcribed below.

Should we open businesses “OR” stay safe?

It is not an either/or answer – We can do both

It’s about moving from essential to safe.

San Diego County can stay safe AND be open for business.

We proved it with the essential businesses being open, and flattening the curve AND trends at the same time.

We are a government of, for, and by the people.

We the people of California, are facing the state’s new restrictions that hold our freedoms, our jobs and our economy hostage.  As recently as May 7th, the governor created a new unattainable goal for continuing, the effort of opening businesses.

For non—compliance to an unattainable goal, he is threatening local governments, that attempt to get people back to work, with the loss of state tax funds (your dollars).  He is threatening small businesses owners, who are only, trying to survive, by revoking previously earned, and certified, professional licenses.

Not only did he move the goal posts – he tore them down.

For us to move, beyond the current limited curbside business, the governor’s new order, requires San Diego county, to have no, corona virus-related deaths for 14 consecutive days.

San Diego County, with a population of 3.3 million people, and has little, to no, chance of achieving 14 consecutive days, with zero, covid-related deaths.  It is an impossible, unobtainable hurdle that will stagnate, any forward progress, towards moving beyond, curbside retail.

97%, of the unfortunate deaths in San Diego County, related to corona virus, had underlying health complications.  Of the 175 San Diego County, corona-related deaths to date, 6 were due solely, to the virus.

In order to open businesses, we must continue to protect our most venerable and abide by our public health officer’s personal protection orders of the masks, gloves, social distancing, and hand washing.

We the people have done what is asked of us:

We, not the government, flattened the curve.

We, not the government, reduced the trend.

We, not the governor, want to stay healthy AND see our economy thrive.

We now have, over 25% unemployment, in San Diego County.

The people making the decisions to keep your businesses closed, are all collecting their pay, pensions and health benefits.

We, the people, can stay healthy, abide by the personal protection requirements, AND be open for businesses.

Government can’t run a business. Government can obviously ruin them, but not run them.

The governor has shuttered the people’s businesses, while the corporation’s, large big boxes, thrive.

You can get baked goods at Costco but not your local bakery.
You can buy clothing at Walmart but not at a clothing store.

We safely, can get thousands of people a day through grocery stores, but not a furniture store, not an electronics store, nor a car dealership can be fully open for business.

We the people can create safe environments within all our businesses.

This isn’t a choice of either OR. We can get our economy going AND keep our County safe.

I believe, we need to continue to follow, all of the San Diego County’s health officers, personal safety protections.

We need to allow more non-essential businesses to open.

Law enforcement should focus on health protection orders.  Not unattainable orders.

Businesses should set, the gold standard of health safety.  Empowering, all, their employees to enforce, health and safety regulations.

I’m calling for the safe opening of retail stores beyond curbside pick-up, to the safe opening of restaurants for dining in, and the safe opening of offices and large retail warehouse business.

I’m asking our Sheriff and law enforcement officers to prioritize enforcement of safety guidelines at all businesses, rather than essential versus non-essential.

We can open businesses AND be safe.

And I’m calling on complete local control. Let Governor Newsom know – we the people will rise to this challenge.

We the people can stay healthy, we the people can follow, personal health guidelines, AND, we the people can, safely be, open for business.


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