Supervisor Jim Desmond: Redefining ‘woman’ takes opportunities away from biological women

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – During Tuesday’s San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting, they held public hearing on a controversial agenda item item, Agenda Item 34. The video below shows the entire public hearing on Agenda Item 34, and the vote where it passed 3-2.

As usual, the three Democrat majority voted together and passed the ordinance, but not without strong opposition from the public.

Tuesday’s Agenda Item 34 was “an ordinance to provide for the local implementation of the United Nations Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW).”

Proponents of the ordinance like Democrat Supervisor Nora Vargas, claim it will protect “women from discrimination.” But opponents correctly point out that San Diego County’s ordinance changes the historical definition of “women” to include biological men.

The ordinance is essentially an effort by Democrats to cement the idea that those who identify as women, are women in the County of San Diego.

Both Republican Supervisors, Jim Desmond & Joel Anderson voted against the measure, citing concerns for biological women that could have important life opportunities taken from them.

During the meeting, Desmond explains biological men could compete in women’s sports, take scholarships from biological women who have worked their whole lives to earn, among other things.

Democrat Supervisor Nora Vargas says the controversial ordinance brings gender equity, and protects women. Vargas tweeted those who spoke in opposition were spewing “traumatizing hate.”

County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who voted against redefining women, joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego to share detail on his opposition.

To start the interview, Phinney pointed to a very controversial part of the ordinance that reads, “biological men and boys in San Diego County will have full access to girls and women’s sports, girl’s locker rooms and women’s prisons. Is that accurate? If so, how does that protect women?”

Desmond responded explaining “that’s where you have to draw the line. We’ve got to protect everybody’s rights, but society has kind of developed norms around some of these rights, so somebody’s individual rights doesn’t infringe on another.” Continuing, “transgender people have rights as well, but when their rights start infringing on other people’s rights, like biological women’s rights, it’s like ok, this is still a work in progress.”

Desmond then said we need to draw the line somewhere, and he voted against it because he believes it violates biological women’s rights.

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