Supervisor Joel Anderson reacts to SVP not being placed at Mt. Helix home

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A judge has ruled that a 78-year-old second sexually violent predator recommended for supervised release at a residence in the Mount Helix neighborhood will not be placed at the home.

In a written ruling dated Wednesday and released by court officials on Thursday, San Diego Superior Court Judge Theodore Weathers said the home at 10957 Horizon Hills Drive would not be a suitable placement for Douglas Badger and state hospital officials will be tasked with finding another location to house him.

The ruling came nearly two weeks after another local judge, San Diego Superior Court Judge Albert Harutunian III, denied placement of a second sexually violent predator, Merle Wade Wakefield, at the same home.

County Supervisor Joel Anderson, whose district contains the Mount Helix neighborhood, praised the ruling.

“This is another great victory for our community,” Anderson said. “Speaking together, we have made our voices heard, and I want to again thank San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan for her hard work and for listening to us on this issue.

“There is still more work to do,” he said. “Over 60% of all SVPs have been placed in my district, which has more sexual offenders than any other district in San Diego County. We need to improve the process for notification and placement and there are accountability issues to further investigate.”

Badger and Wakefield are classified as sexually violent predators, a designation for those convicted of sexually violent offenses and diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes them likely to re-offend. After serving their prison sentences, sexually violent predators may undergo treatment at state hospitals, but may also petition courts to continue treatment in supervised outpatient locations.

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