Supervisor Kristin Gaspar blasts County Health Officials for their inconsistent handling of coronavirus pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thursday, San Diego County Health Official Dr. Wilma Wooten, with a nod to how long the COVID-19 pandemic could impact the region, said it may not be safe for people to have gatherings at their homes “until sometime next year,” a far cry from the mid-March hopes of flattening the curve and ending the pandemic.

“With the reopenings, people think we can go back to the pre-COVID existence, and we cannot,” she said.

The statement resulted with harsh critique online, many questioning the lawfulness of such an order, and the ability of it to be enforced.

Earlier this week, Dr. Wilma Wooten even said they are not asking people who go in to get tested whether or not they have participated in any of the large protests resulting from the unfortunate death of George Floyd. Wooten explained the County is recommending the protesters get tested, but they are not asking people if they have been to a protest.

Friday, more businesses in the County are able to reopen, but the County urges San Diegans to continue taking precautions to prevent more COVID-19 outbreaks.

County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar joined Good Morning San Diego to detail her concerns with County Health Officials inconsistencies regarding their regulations, enforcement, and contact tracing strategies.

Gaspar said, “think of the inconsistency, I can’t have people over in my backyard, sitting in chairs, spaced six feet apart. But I can take that same gathering, and I can take those same people, and I can sit in a restaurant.” Gaspar believes “we have to let common sense prevail.”



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