Supervisor Kristin Gaspar calls on governments to do more on human trafficking

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Elected leaders say significant progress has been made in our region in the fight against human trafficking. But one such leader says the state and the federal government can do a whole lot more on their end.

Fresh from a Washington summit on human trafficking, County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar says she was inspired to demand more attention from the state and the feds on what is a billion-dollar industry here.

The increased attention involves two fronts: money and tougher laws, the latter encouraging tougher penalties on the buyers of sex with victims who’s average age is 15. She also pointed out the inability to prevent foster youth from walking away from county facilities as one specific issue.

Gaspar’s remarks also included pointed criticism of specific individuals and well-known elected leaders.

The press conference included Roger Martin, founder of Humans Against Trafficking. He and his team have developed an app called Radliee that Martin says will be available to parents later this month.

To get more on information on the app and it’s free availability, visit

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