Supervisor Kristin Gaspar deserves the credit for beginning to reopen San Diego County beaches

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County public health officials will lift restrictions on entering the ocean for swimming, surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding at sunrise on Monday morning.

Parking lots, piers and boardwalks will remain closed. Individual jurisdictions can still place restrictions on beach usage.

The San Diego County Public Health team suggested local jurisdictions close the beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic, which led to 100-percent of San Diego’s beaches closing.

The closed beaches and overreaching regulation led hundred of San Diego County residents to participate in various “Freedom Rally” protests to show their opposition the county wide closures.

People who participated in the “Freedom Rally” told KUSI News they believe beaches, trails, bays, and the ocean should be open for use if social distance guidelines can still be followed.

On April 17, County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar wrote two letters to the County of San Diego Chief Administrative officer. One outlining rules for county golf courses to reopen with limitations, and the other (shown below), requesting “that the County reconsider the current restriction on swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, and recreational boating.”

A week later, April 24th, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced that the San Diego County Public Health team is suggesting that local jurisdictions can reopen the ocean for use beginning Monday morning at sunrise.

Just a few days prior, Supervisor Fletcher and the Public Health Team were against Gaspar’s plan to begin reopening certain places, like the ocean. What changed?

KUSI News spoke with Supervisor Gaspar about the decision to reopen the ocean and why she says “our voices were heard.”



Gaspar Letter To Reopen The Water

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