Supervisor Kristin Gaspar encourages those who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma

San Diego (KUSI) – County supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Jim Desmond and San Diego City Councilman Chris Cate sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom Wednesday evening, asking the governor to rescind orders to shutter indoor business in multiple industries — including bars, restaurants, museums, cardrooms, zoos and theaters.

“This statewide one-size-fits-all approach to closing entire business sectors is misguided as evidenced by the many sectors in San Diego forced to close their doors again despite not having contributed at all to the rise in our local cases. As such, we are requesting the review of our county’s data to take place as soon as possible, thereby allowing San Diego businesses to reopen if appropriate,” they wrote in the joint letter.

“It is time to give local control of this public health emergency to the elected leaders and clinical team closest to the people so that we can begin community specific healing based on local data. We are confident that San Diego County is well-positioned to serve as a model in this effort,” the letter said.

Supervisor Gaspar joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the latest in COVID-19 response and an exciting new hiking challenge.

In honor of National Parks and Recreation Month, the County is excited to launch the first-ever Tour Our Trails Challenge. Comprised of 15 hikes, this progressive hiking challenge starts with five easy hikes, followed by five moderate hikes and five that are considered tough. The Tour Our Trails Challenge booklets will be available at most County properties mid-late July. There is no cost to participate and no end date; the challenge will run through 2020 and while supplies last.

Gaspar also encouraged people who have recovered from coronavirus to donate plasma, saying, “while COVID-19 has no proven treatment, plasma taken from those who have recovered (called convalescent plasma) may help patients fighting COVID-19. This is because the plasma has developed antibodies against the virus. The San Diego Blood Bank is in need of individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate at one of many convenient locations throughout San Diego.”

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