Supervisor Gaspar explains SANDAG’s proposal to install black boxes on all vehicles to track every mile you drive

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- We recently had supervisor Kristin Gaspar on the show to talk about the new SANDAG plan. She joined us again this morning to give us an update on last Friday’s SANDAG meeting and where SANDAG goes from here.

In Sunday’s interview (below), Gaspar explained that the SANDAG Director, Hasan Ikhrata, is recommending everyone pay to drive on all freeway lanes because they are subsidized.

A black box would be installed in every vehicle, tracking every mile you drive on the highway, and then that information will be given to the government so it could charge you.

During last week’s SANDAG meeting, Ikhrata tried silencing board members who didn’t agree with his plan. Gaspar’s office told KUSI Ikhrata became so aggressive, County Supervisor Gaspar got up and walked out.


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