Supervisor Kristin Gaspar is running against two union backed candidates in her re-election campaign

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Supervisor District 3 Kristin Gaspar is running for re-election.

Gaspar is campaigning against two other candidates, Democrats Olga Diaz and Tara Lawson Remer. Gaspar currently holds the seat and is running on her success as the District 3 Supervisor.

Furthermore, Gaspar said, “the unions have put in more than $1,000,000 to take control of the County Board of Supervisors.” Gaspar elaborated explaining that the County Board of Supervisors is the last big board that the unions have the ability to take over. Her seat is the swing seat, and Gaspar vows to block the union bosses from taking over if she is re-elected.


County Supervisors District 3 Seats



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