Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announces effort to fix mental health after strong support of lockdowns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After supporting and pushing lockdown policies over the last two years, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is now announcing an effort to help those fighting mental health.

Throughout the pandemic, KUSI has interviewed many doctors who have asserted that the coronavirus lockdowns supported by Democrat politicians like Nathan Fletcher have led to rising suicide rates, drug use and all kinds of mental health issues.

But as these politicians pushed for the lockdowns, they never recognized any of the negative consequences that came with them.

Now, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced an effort to fight mental health in San Diego County. He pledged “to make greater access to behavioral health services a priority,” but failed to acknowledge that his lockdown policies could be one of the main causes of the illnesses.

KUSI asked our viewers if they think the lockdowns made our mental health problem better or worse, and their response may surprise you. Check out the responses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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