Supervisor Nathan Fletcher shames San Diegans for opposing government shutdowns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher holds a news conference along with a group of medical professionals, scientists, and community leaders.

The group said they want to urge residents to focus on fighting COVID-19 rather than the business restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

Supervisor Fletcher explained how he has been the only San Diego County Supervisor to repeatedly vote against expedited reopening, saying he has been trying to avoid “the situation we are in now.”

He specifically named and criticized Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Jim Desmond for their work with local business owners in support of expedited re-openings.

Critics say his votes to stay closed prove the exact opposite of what he confidently stated during the press conference. Critics believe Fletcher is the one causing them to be closed, despite his claim that he is working to avoid that from happening.

Fletcher went on to address the difficult situation local small business owners have found themselves in amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He again explained that he is working to get them the ability to resume operations, despite his constant votes against any reopening process. Fletcher told small business owners he feels their pain, and understands how difficult it is to be in small business even when there isn’t a global pandemic.

“I know that you simply want to run the business that you built your life putting together. I know you want to feed your families and you want to support your workers, but what is being sold to you as a solution will not help your situation. It will only make it worse.”

Fletcher continued claiming the countries who did reopen quickly “saw death rates far in excess of surrounding countries with zero economic benefit.”

As Fletcher explained this, a flood of comments came pouring in on the KUSI News Facebook Live stream from San Diegans saying they don’t believe Fletcher actually does understand how difficult it is. Many of the comments urged Supervisor Fletcher to take a pay cut or work without pay himself to truly feel the pain they are in.

You can read the comments for yourself by clicking here.

Fletcher was joined by various doctors around San Diego County who spoke about the coronavirus and their support for Supervisor Fletcher’s vision of more government regulation in accordance with the state reopening guidelines in order to “slow the spread.”

All the speakers, including Supervisor Fletcher, were adamant that we need to continue take precautions when making decisions about the reopening process.

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar released a statement in response to Fletcher’s claim against her:

“This morning Supervisor Fletcher held a hellfire and brimstone press conference in which he ironically and incorrectly blamed me for playing politics with COVID. Let me set the record straight: I have never supported any approach to re-opening that was not specifically supported by our Public Health Officer and clinical leadership team. Supervisor Fletcher knows this but prefers to continue spreading this false narrative because he is actively running a campaign against me. I measured the distance between our office doors, and it is 7 feet, so he and I can actually have a socially distanced conversation anytime he isn’t holding a press conference. I will continue to do my job protecting public health and working with small businesses and leave the politics to Supervisor Fletcher.”

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