Supervisor Nathan Fletcher takes small business tour after leading lockdowns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Supervisor Nathan Fletcher was the lead advocate of lockdowns throughout the coronavirus pandemic, which caused many businesses to shut down for good. The video above, from 6/29/2020, show Fletcher demanding businesses that don’t serve food must shut down, in the name of public health. Just one of the many ant-business policies he put in place in the name of “public health.”

Thousands of San Diegans lost their jobs, and there still isn’t any valid evidence that the policies even worked.

Supervisor Fletcher and other lockdown advocates like Dr. Wilma Wooten and Mayor Todd Gloria have never admitted the slightest wrongdoing, nor acknowledged any of the harmful consequences that resulted from these policies.

Nevertheless, Fletcher is now claiming to be a strong supporter of small businesses. Fletcher is on a social media campaign where is visits local businesses, and posts video of his visits speaking with the owners.

The “Fed Up with Fletcher PAC” has responded by highlighting Fletcher’s hypocrisy for pushing lockdowns, and now acting like he is the County Supervisor standing up for these business owners. The anti-Fletcher PAC says many of these visits are unannounced.

Throughout the pandemic, Fletcher told San Diegans not to visit family for the holidays, demanded businesses track the names of their guests, told them they can only serve customers who order food, ignored the large gatherings of protesters for George Floyd, went back-and-forth between indoor and outdoor dining regulations, all while claiming everyone opposing him was spewing misinformation.

In August of 2021, Fletcher announced that San Diego County “officially recommended” all private employers require employees to be vaccinated or force them to undergo weekly testing, and wear masks. This “recommendation” was never made official law, as it wouldn’t hold up in court.

Here are some videos of Fletcher making these demands, and threatening strict enforcement for anyone who disobeyed.

Below are some of Fletcher’s visits to small businesses, but more can be seen on his YouTube channel, here.

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