Supervisor Nathan Fletcher tells San Diegans they are too dumb to research COVID

Nathan Fletcher Instagram Response

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – ReOpen San Diego, Let Them Breathe, and San Diego Rise Up joined forces with other members of the San Diego community and held a rally outside the County Board of Supervisors meeting to ask all businesses and government agencies not to request proof of vaccination as a condition of service or employment.

After the rally, they went in to the San Diego County Board of Supervisor meeting to give speeches detailing their opposition to the county’s COVID response.

The community members and leaders were fired up, and to put it simply, directly called out the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for their overreaching rule, telling them to their face they have forgotten their oath to protect the constitution.

The speeches are must see.

KUSI News streamed the entire public hearing section of the Board of Supervisors meeting to our Facebook page, you can watch it here.

In response to the hours of speeches in opposition to his “leadership,” Supervisor Nathan Fletcher posted a lengthy message to his Instagram page.

Fletcher’s message began, “you didn’t research anything and its highly probable that you don’t even know how to do so.”

Fletcher is clearly irritated, but has stood by Gavin Newsom’s side the entire pandemic, never once criticizing his regulations. Now, Newsom is facing a recall, and Fletcher has shown his animosity to criticism.

His message ended, “No? Then you didn’t f***ing research anything. You read or watched a video, most likely with little to no objectivity. You came across something in your algorithm manipulated feed, something that jived with your implicit biases and served your confirmation bias, and subconsciously applied your emotional filters and called it proof. Scary.”

Supervisor Jim Desmond, who has been the lone voice on the board against Newsom’s overreaching lockdowns, responded to Fletcher’s message with a tweet of his own.

Plus, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey commented on the KUSI News post, Mayor Bailey responded to Fletcher writing, “A PhD is not required to recognize BS policies.”

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