Supporters of Measure A say residents need a bigger voice in planning

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Voters in San Diego County will decide what kind of direction the county should take on development when they vote on Measure A in March.

The measure, also called the Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside Initiative, would require voters to approve some changes to the County’s general plan, changes that would increase residential density (the number of dwelling units in an area) in semi-rural and rural areas.

The Registrar of Voters provided the backdrop today for a rally by people who say they’re fighting for a future say in where the region’s new housing will be built.

Supporters of the measure say this would protect rural areas from sprawl development. Arguments against Measure A say its loopholes and exemptions will not protect the backcountry and it will not give the control it promises.

Support for the measure comes from some labor unions and environmental groups. Opponents also have some labor support from union firefighters and police officers. However, four of the five County Supervisors are also opposed to Measure A.

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