Supporters of Measure B condemn TV campaign ad by project opponents

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The battle over the Newland Sierra Housing development is heating up on the airwaves.

Today, supporters of the project held a news conference attacking opponents for a new campaign commercial which they say deliberately deceives the voters.

At stake is what happens to a 1,900-acre property near Escondido. The developer, Newland Sierra wants to build 2,100 homes on the site. The project was approved by the county board of supervisors last year.

In March, voters will choose to either affirm or reject the project known as Measure B.

Supporters of Measure B say the project will provide much needed housing that is priced for the budgets of working families, with 60 percent of the homes selling between the mid-$300 to the mid-$600 thousand dollar range. First priority will be given to police, firefighters and teachers.

Opponents of the project insist there is no affordable housing in the plan.

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