Supporters of Measure B hold rallies across San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County voters will decide on Measure B this Tuesday. Supporters of the measure, also known as the Newland Sierra Development Project, held rallies across the county to encourage people to vote Yes on B.

The project calls for 2,135 homes to built north of Escondido on land where the county’s blueprint for future development says only 99 homes should be allowed, plus about 2 million square feet of commercial. The development would be built just west of interstate 15 north of deer springs road.

The measure says that at least 60 percent of the new homes are guaranteed by a legally-binding covenant to be affordably priced for working families.

Those against the project say the covenant touted by Newland Sierra is a sham and cannot be enforced by anyone, but the developers themselves. They say the development does not actually include affordable housing.

Voting no on the measure would mean building 99 luxury homes and about 2 million square feet of commercial buildings.

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