Supporters of Measure C hold rally in downtown San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s a rare day when a broad coalition of San Diegans stand up and demand we raise taxes, but this is that day.

“A yes vote on Measure C is a win, win, win,” said State Senator Toni Atkins of San Diego at a rally for Measure C Thursday.

To be clear, Measure C is a tax hike. But it’s a tax on tourists and not locals. It’s a hotel tax that has support from the hotels, the Taxpayers Association, Democrats and even a few Republicans.

“Measure C will create 7,000 jobs; good paying jobs. Jobs that can become a career where you can buy a house and put your kids through college,” said Matthew Layba Gonzales.

Coming up on the ballot March 3rd, Measure C is a triple dipper. It will pay for expanding the San Diego Convention Center, it will dedicate millions to the homeless and pave 150 miles of roads every year.

“It’s good for business, it’s good for the homeless and it’s good for all of us who drive these torn up roads,” said Jazmine Rhodes of San Diego.

This tax hike has widespread support, but because it’s a tax on tourists, it’s going to be a tough road ahead. And since this is a ‘dedicated tax’, it will need a two-thirds approval on election day, That’s a tough threshold, no matter what you’re selling.

Most people are in favor of helping homeless, and a vast majority would like better roads. As for expanding the convention center, there’s another sales pitch. If we don’t expand, ComicCon is threatening to leave and find a bigger place. They have a lease that goes until 2024, after that, it’s fair game.

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