Exclusive: Surveillance video of El Cajon sinkhole shows different story than told by El Cajon Police

EL CAJON (KUSI) — It caught the driver completely by surprise. A female driver had to be rescued from her car Monday night after it was swallowed by a sinkhole in El Cajon.

According to El Cajon police, law enforcement officials were on scene directing traffic around the flooded roadway when a female driver disobeyed the road signs and drove around the police barricade.

But surveillance video footage obtained exclusively by KUSI News shows there may be a different side to the story.

The surveillance video shows the car driving to the front of a police vehicle where you can see an officer at the passenger side window speaking with the driver for nearly a minute.

Then as the driver proceeds to make a u-turn in the intersection, the road gives way and the car and its driver end-up in the sinkhole.

One officer can be seen throwing up his hands and both show no urgency getting to the vehicle as rushing water begins to fill it.

Thankfully, neither the driver of the vehicle or any officers were hurt during the incident.

The Helix Water District finished repairs to the water main and road.

But the question that remains is, was the driver doing what the officer instructed?

KUSI News reached out to the El Cajon Police Department for comment and are waiting for a response.

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