Survey finds 38% of American beer drinkers won’t buy Corona because of virus outbreak

(KUSI) – Corona beer has addressed how the name is unfortunate similarity to the deadly coronavirus.

Constellation brands, which brews the lager, said in a statement that customers “understand there is no link between the virus and our business.”

Still, two recent surveys show the brand is suffering from negative buzz around the virus.

The survey, conducted by 5W Public Relations, found that 38 percent of beer drinkers insisted they wouldn’t, under any circumstances, buy the beer.

“There is no question that Corona beer is suffering because of the coronavirus,” 5WPR Founder Ronn Torossian is quoted as saying by The New York Post.

Aside from the name, there is no known connection between the beer and the virus. But Torossian emphasized how important the name is to the product’s branding.

In the survey, 14 percent of respondents who said they regularly drink Corona beer admitted they wouldn’t order it in public.

The survey was conducted on a group of 737 American beer drinkers.

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