Surviving on a food budget of $4.18 per day; benefit for CalFresh recipients

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Nearly 500,000 people in San Diego County do not have enough food for a healthy, active life.

The CalFresh Challenge encourages participants to experience what life can be like for many of our neighbors who rely on CalFresh as they struggle to avoid hunger, afford nutritious food and stay healthy with very limited resources.

In San Diego County, the average CalFresh allotment per person is only $4.18 per day or $20.92 for five days.  

According to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency approximately 285,000 San Diego County residents rely on CalFresh each month to get enough healthy food to eat.

Of the CalFresh recipients in San Diego County, nearly 46 percent are children.

People on food stamps and public assistance are not "living the easy life" on taxpayer dollars but are, in fact, barely able to get by and, with an individual allotment of only $4.18 per day, certainly not able to purchase enough food to lead an active, healthy life.

While food banks serve a necessary purpose in providing emergency food supplies, CalFresh (food stamps) are our nation’s most direct and effective long-term solution to ending hunger. Moreover, hunger costs us all.

When people are hungry we all suffer due to our neighborhoods reduced economic vitality; labor loss; diminished cognitive and physical development; lower educational achievement in children; and tremendous healthcare costs.

The CalFresh Challenge: Monday, May 8 – Friday, May 12

Your entire grocery budget will be the average San Diego County CalFresh benefit allotment per person of $4.18 per day or $20.92 for 5 days. This includes all meals, beverages and snacks.

Don’t forget to REGISTER! 

Make an even deeper impact by fundraising to support the Hunger Coalition’s CalFresh Task Force’s efforts to expand CalFresh outreach to increase enrollment and efficiency. Click on the button below to create your fundraising page.  

Participants who raise $100 or more from May 1 – 15 will receive a San Diego Hunger Coalition tote bag. Top fundraisers will also receive a prize pack with gifts from our generous community partners. 

Stick to the Budget

The budget for one day is $4.18. The budget for 5 days $20.92. This includes all food, beverages and snacks purchased and eaten during the Challenge, including fast food and dining out. 

Only Eat Food You Purchase During the Challenge

Do not eat food that you purchased before the Challenge began. 

Do Not Accept Free Food

Avoid accepting free food from friends, family, or coworkers, including receptions or meetings. 

Share Your Experience

Share your experience on social media throughout the Challenge with updates and photos using #CalFreshChallenge. Start by sharing your participation on Facebook or Twitter.

Bonus: Fundraise

Help raise funds essential to increasing CalFresh enrollment for families facing food scarcity and to make your experience more meaningful.

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