SWAT recovers rifles from Mission Valley hotel standoff, arrest suspect

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego SWAT officers arrested 26-year-old Mason Hines for alleged weapons violations and narcotics possession after responding to a distress call at a Mission Valley Candlewood Suites location. Non-SWAT officers were initially called to the scene in regards to a stabbing, but were told by staff members that the man inside the hotel room in question also had two aggressive pitbulls and a gun with him.

Initial responders were also told there could be another suspect inside the room who was wanted by the police, according to San Diego Police Department officer Robert Heims. Police attempted to contact the person but received no response, potentially creating a more dangerous situation that led them to call SWAT to the scene. 

SWAT officers entered the room to discover there was no third person, however. Two rifles were recovered from the scene. Hines was booked early Saturday morning following the incident. The pitbulls were not injured by police. 

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