Sweetwater Red Devils 30, San Ysidro Cougars 0

The Red Devils proved to be on fire! Sweetwater scorched another win this week. The confidence from last week victory carried through this week as they defeated the Cougars 30-0.

First quarter of the Red Devils scored opened the scoreboard with a 3-point field goal. This gave Sweetwater the 3-0 lead over the Cougars.

San Ysidro came in strong the second quarter. Quarterback Junior Bueno completed passes to Alejandro Bonneau giving them more yardage on the field. The team came slightly short unable to capitalize on touchdown opportunities. Sweetwater in response to the close calls came in with a touchdown. Raul Romero ran it to the 5 yard line. Next play Rugine Williams ran the ball for a touchdown bringing the lead 10-0 Red Devils. With 27 seconds remaining in the second quarter a Red Devil was ejected by the referee, a very heart pounding way to finish the half.

Sweetwater did not let a halftime break distract them from their goal. Third quarter came around and they applied pressure to the opposing team and Raul Romero ran the ball 2 yards shy of a touchdown. Marty Sesma stormed thought the defense to pick up 7 more points for the team!

Marty Sesma continued to shine in the game through the fourth quarter. Marty carried the ball and made to the 6-yard line on Cougar territory. He pushed through getting more points on the board extending the Red Devil lead 27-0.

The game concluded with one last field goal bringing the final score 30-0 Red Devils. Sweetwater’s Marty Sesma completed an outstanding 322 rushing yards in the game! Great day to be a Red Devil!

PREVIEW: In the South Bay Week 7 of high school football can only get more exciting and promising than ever! This week the San Ysidro Cougars return to their home field hosting the Sweetwater Red Devils. Both teams are coming in from last week’s close scoring games.

The Cougars are coming in with the instinct of survival, after making the comeback and being 4 points shy of winning the game in the fourth quarter they know they have to capitalize on opportunities. Their record is at 2-4 after the 17-14 loss to Francis Parker. The continual persistence of the team can only lead them to favorable results.

San Ysidro will seek to keep the force going in order to get points on the board. Quarterback Junior Bueno, wide receiver Jazz Gill, and running back Jeremiah Martinez will be key players in moving the Cougars forward. Offensively they have the skill set to make it across the field and over to the touchdown line. Jazz and Jeremiah both authored a touchdown, which put San Ysidro on the board. Defensively fullback Alejandro Bonnaeu leads the pack and stops the opposing teams from getting into Cougar territory.

Sweetwater is coming into this game on a high note after defeating Serra 30-20. The win puts them at a 3-2 record, giving them ambition and confidence for more! Home or away the Red Devils are ready put up a battle for the points on the scoreboard.

Offensively, running back Marty Sesma will be essential in the running game. His speed and ability to find open spaces on the field will help the Red Devils advance to the end zone.

Sweetwater Red Devils vs. San Ysidro Cougars is set for 7 p.m. at San Ysidro High School. Tune into the PPR on KUSI every Friday at 10:30 p.m. for highlights, scores, and so much more. For updates on all games follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KUSIPPR @RedJacketArmy! Search for the #KUSIonPPR hash tag for pictures and statuses. Check us out on Snapchat, get the PPR Domino’s Pizza filter and receive a free side of bread sticks with your order. 

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