Swimmers getting stung by stingrays at Mission Beach and Pacific Beach

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — If you are heading to the beach this weekend, get ready to do a lot of shuffling, mainly the "stingray shuffle."

Lifeguards have recently been responding to a lot of calls involving swimmers getting stung by stingrays.

On Thursday, lifeguards treated 20 victims at beaches up and down San Diego’s coastline. 

Lt. Rick Romero of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department said the warm water and the calm surf brings stingrays to the shallow waters at the beach.

"If you do get hit by one, the treatment for it is hot water. So flag us down, wave to us and we’ll bring you back down to the lifeguard tower where we have hot water and we’ll soak your foot for about 30 minutes to relieve that pain," Lt. Romero said.

Lt. Romero also said if you’re wanting to get in the water, go near crowded areas, as the stingrays will have already been scared away. 

But if you do enter the water in a more deserted area, make sure to shuffle your feet through the sand as the vibrations will scatter any rays from the area. 

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