Switchfoot BRO-AM launches feeding San Diego home food challenge

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Recently organizers made the difficult but necessary decision not to host the in-person Switchfoot BRO-AM events this June. 

However, with schools and businesses shut down, a growing number of kids in our community are facing hunger the BRO-AM will be working with Feeding San Diego to meet the rapidly increasing need for food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drew Shirley from Switchfoot joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about the challenge. Shirley’s full interview can be seen in the video above.

“We have shifted BRO-AM’s focus to help raise funds and awareness for Feeding San Diego through a social media campaign, the #HomeFoodChallange. A huge thanks to our community for understanding and for continuing to support these incredible kids. Thanks to all of you, the heart of the BRO-AM is still alive and well, helping kids thrive even during COVID-19,” said  Jon Foreman from Switchfoot.

The BRO-AM Foundation has donated $5,000 to kick things off.

“Feeding San Diego is rapidly responding to this emergency and serving the increasing number of people facing food insecurity throughout San Diego County, many of whom are accessing food assistance for the first time. We are very grateful for our longtime partnership with the Switchfoot BRO-AM. Together we bring more awareness to the increasing food insecurity of kids and families happening right here in our own neighborhoods. We are a proud Partner in BRO-AM’s annual community giving movement where everyone becomes part of the change,” said Vince Hall, CEO Feeding San Diego

To help raise more funds and awareness, each member of SWITCHFOOT has launched their own Home Food Challenge on their personal Instagram accounts.

The Challenge raises awareness of current food needs, shares a favorite home food item and encourages giving. Personal friends are tagged to also join in the Challenge.

To get involved click the link. https://bit.ly/BROAMHomeFoodChallenge

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