Tahmooressi’s attorney puts accusers on witness stand

A major step forward for the former U.S. Marine imprisoned in Mexico and facing weapons charges: Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi’s attorney questions his accusers in court. Tahmooressi’s attorney Fernando Benitez – the third to represent the Marine after he claimed the first two botched the job – grilled the four Customs agents who arrested him last March at the San Ysidro Border crossing.

Indicative of how this case has become an international incident, armed federales rushed the defendant into the highly-secured courthouse in Tijuana. Benitez says as he entered the steel gates, he was going to question the agents about exactly why they stopped his client and whether they properly followed Mexican law when they checked his license and registration, searched his vehicle and detained him until he was charged with a crime.

Tahmooressi’s mother was in court Monday and reported through what is now considered to be the official social media gathering place, “free USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi” on Facebook. She says things went well in court and that she was pleased her son’s attorney was allowed to examine the four Customs agents. The bad news for her, she said, is that the next hearing could be months away.

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