Team Garrett racing in the Children’s Tumor Foundation 5K to raise funds to find a cure for Neurofibromatosis

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Children’s Tumor Foundation is happening this Sunday.

They are racing to raise funds to find a cure for Neurofibromatosis.

The team is racing to support Garret Baumann. Garrett was born with NF2 but diagnosised in 5th grade, when he failed the hearing test. He had over 100 tumors onlong the nerves of his spine and brain.

He endured many surgeries, radiation and infusion treatments, but non were able to stop the progression. He lost the ability to eat, hear, talk, and see well. He was in constant pain.

Regardless of the hardship and pain, Garrett remained positive, kind and passionate (sports, traffic, numbers and video games). He lived to be 29 years old.

This is their 7th year racing and they have raised a total of more than $100,000. This year, they have a team of 83 people who will be dressed as Nintendo characters, one of Garrett’s favorites.

Team Captain Terry Owens and Childhood friend Alex Monaco were in studio to tell us all about why they are doing it.



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