Temperatures hit peak for week Wednesday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Despite a thick marine layer Wednesday morning, temperatures are expected to reach their peak for the week.

A ridge of high pressure building off the coast keeps conditions dry and temperatures warm Wednesday. The majority of San Diego County can expect to see mostly sun Wednesday once the morning clouds and fog clear. Gray skies will remain over the coast for most of the day, but temperatures will continue to warm as the day progresses. 

Thursday, temperatures will begin to cool. The County may see some light drizzle in the mornings and evenings over the county. 

Despite the “June Gloom,” temperatures are expected to be warm Wednesday. Highs will be 65 to 70 degrees at the beaches, 71 to 76 inland, 75 to 80 in the western valleys, 84 to 89 near the foothills, 86 to 93 in the mountains and 101 to 106 in the deserts.

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