The 10 Percent Rule

I met with our PPR social media directors Jose Martinez and Kendrick Luckenbach prior to sitting down at my computer to write this.  Less than 72 hours into the Silver Pigskin Player of the Year Fan Vote and KUSI tabulation software has already counted over 6000 votes.  With 14 days left in open voting, we’re on pace to shatter all previous voter turnout records.

Let’s review the basics. Every viewer can cast up to three votes. One on Twitter (@KUSIPPR) one on Instagram (KUSIPPR) and one on Facebook (KUSIPPR).  We have an Army of Red Jacket volunteers who are constantly scouring individual vote tallies.  They are instructed to toss out any duplicate or suspicious votes.

But it’s important to remember, the Fan Vote is weighted to count as only 10 percent of the returned E-Ballot vote. Monday night we distributed the 2016 E-Ballot to roughly 200 PPR employees, San Diego section head football coaches, San Diego prep media members, and other assorted VIP’s.  You can see the names of these E-Ballot recipients at  We’ll also denote who casts their votes and which votes remain outstanding.   Anybody who receives a 2016 E-Ballot but declines to vote will be dropped from the Player of the Year rolls the following fall. The PPR doesn’t do “voter apathy.”

Midnight Monday December 1st, the polls will close and the vote counting will begin. McKinnon Broadcasting CFO Steve Sadler will once again be responsible for maintaining voter privacy, counting votes, factoring in the weighted Fan Vote and eventually declaring a winner.  Tuesday Dec. 6th, Steve Sadler will seal the winning name into an airtight envelope.  At that point Mr. Sadler, and only Mr. Sadler, will know the identity of the 2016 winner.

Following the Gala we’ll go public with all the raw voting data.  Fan Vote numbers, E-Ballot tallies and the ciphering used to determine the final result will all be available. The process is as transparent as we can make it.  One important note, Mr. Sadler will handle the Fan Vote math. Nobody in the sports department is confident in their ability to do 8th grade level division.

It’s hard to believe the season has flashed by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday we were meeting for Red Jacket orientation day.  We have one goal remaining; to finish the season as strong as we started it.

Make sure to tune in for this Friday night’s Prep Pigskin Report. The one hour show starts at 10:30 pm.  And keep your eye on the mailbox. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll receive an invitation to the most talked about Pigskin Party in the land, the Silver Pigskin Gala.

See you Friday,

Paul Rudy/PPR

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