The 9th annual Helen Woodward Animal Center ‘Remember Me Thursday’ shines a light on orphan pets


The 9th annual ‘Remember Me Thursday’ brought to you by the Helen Woodward Animal Center was held virtually and people from all over the world took part in sharing stories about pet adoption and shined a light on the importance of saving pets lives.

Over 1 million pets are euthanized annually and the Helen Woodward Animal Center hosts ‘Remember Me Thursday’ for all of those animals who never got a chance at a better life. It is proven that the more awareness brought to orphan pets results in: 1) Adoptions Increasing, 2) Euthanasia Decreasing, and 3) Puppy Mill Sales Decreasing.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with CEO/President of the HWAC, Mike Arms about the life saving work the center has continued to do. Arms says, “This day is so special. When we first started it, we had no idea how many people it would touch. Now, people from all over the world tune in each year on Remember Me Thursday.”

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