The Chargers organization’s infatuation with Smog City


And apparently sharing a bed with the Oakland Raiders is just fine as well (as long as the roadside motel is nice).

I told you so. Months ago, here on KUSI NEWS ( in the midst of initial "Save Our Bolts" mania), I said something like, "Get used to the idea of the Chargers moving to LA..,sooner rather than later".

I think I must have sensed then that the U-Haul trailers were already lined up, trucks revving.

Or not.

It's true that any move still needs the blessing of the lofty NFL owners, not the type of group that always plays well with others. And the League may still decide to give the St. Louis Rams the green light to head to Inglewood first, which may cause the Bolts to feel more warm and fuzzy toward our town… at least while trying to come up with a new plan of urgency.

There's also the allure of a couple of special fees, half a billion bucks from each team, to go to the "non profit" NFL…booty that would be shared by all the owners.

Well, it's clear my initial hunch was correct. and even those presenting San Diego's newest Grand Plan know it now.

Today's confirmation came when Carmen Policy, the special Paid Persuader for the Chargers and the Raiders, revealed that mutual team infatuation with Smog City and its Burbs has been going on for a long time.

How long? Who knows. But i do know that the very thought of the Chargers and Raiders, like rabid dogs and cats, living together in the same place, creeps me out. In fact I'm starting to itch a little bit.

Something else that's uncomfortable now (if not also unseemly) is seeing our local officials present plan after plan, trying to save the long time civic sports marriage. Even with a snazzy new design and pounds of EIR (thanks for your sacrifice, trees), it starts to come off as begging. The love left long ago. Not to be condoned, but understood.  So at some point, time to say, "Good luck, travel safely".

This could be that point. There are still many variables in the mix, all in the hands of the NFL, but it's clear that the San Diego Charger football club left America's Finest City long ago… in their hearts and minds anyway.

In fairness, the team also endured years of nothing happening, only to see City Hall get into gear when the Rams starting lusting after Los Angeles.

Business is business, and even if we build a new stadium complex and miraculously keep the Bolts anchored here, at some point they would leave anyway.

The team may also be gambling on the way "time heals wounds".They could be assuming that in a short period of time fans will forget all of this…warming to family visitation rights in Carson or Inglewood. No matter what, there's loads more future money to be sucked up by the team and the NFL up north.

The bottom line is the bottom line.

And right now, it looks like the fans bottom line is, "See ya!"

WATCH – MR. POLICY COMES A'COURTIN': Carmen Policy: "The Chargers and Raiders are committed to Los Angeles."

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