The fate of ‘One Paseo’ may be placed in the hands of voters

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thousands of signatures gathered by those against the “One Paseo” development in Carmel Valley are now recorded at the City Council.

Next Monday, the council will either rescind their approval of the project or let the people of San Diego decide in a June of 2016 vote.

One Paseo is a $1.4 million square-foot complex of office buildings, condos, apartments and retail stores.

Kilroy Realty has been working on this for six years.

The city council approved it with a 7 to 2 vote, but those who say it will affect the quality of life and character of Carmel Valley took the decision making power out of the council’s hands.

The developers got some people to ask that their names be taken off the anti-project petition, not enough to make a difference, but that in itself, Kilroy Representative Rachel Land said, is a positive.

“The more people know about the project and the community benefits and what it’s bringing to the city, the more they support it,” Land said.

If it goes to the votes, which both sides anticipate, expect a full-on campaign with plenty of money spent on both sides.

The race will be on.

Again, the public will know Monday if the council takes back their approval or if they will send the One Paseo issue to the votes.

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