The fight is not over yet, Catholic Church fights new homeless plan

SHERMAN HEIGHTS (KUSI) — America’s Finest City is not living up to its name, again. After letting hundreds of homeless people cluster in one area for years, the result was the worst Hepatitis outbreak in San Diego history.

Now, history could be repeating itself. And it’s not good.

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“Eighty percent of the homeless services are in a one-quarter square mile area. There at 370-square miles in San Diego. It’s not fair to us and it’s not fair to the homeless people,” said Father John from Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Father John is one of a growing number of voices, fighting Mayor Faulconer and his plan to establish a homeless storage shelter for 500 street people.

“This was the area with the worst Hepatitis outbreak. It happened because the people were clustered in a small area. The city is going down the same path,” Father John said.

Even though the new “homeless storage” is supposed to open in two weeks, a new group has been formed to share the burden. The group is appropriately named “Fair Share San Diego.”

One of the biggest issues, the oldest Catholic School in San Diego is 15-feet away from the homeless storage.

“These kids have already seen so much, people doing drugs, going to the bathroom on the streets. These are things that school kids should see,” said Our Lady of Guadalupe Principal Noel Bishop.

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Even though hundreds of school kids and neighbors opposed this plan before the city council, their concerns fell on deaf ears. Aside from Council Member David Alvarez, the rest of the council rubber-stamped the issue and voted in favor of Sherman Heights.

The decision was already made, emotional pleas were ignored. The fix was in.

“We don’t hate the homeless. We always help the homeless with food, clothes and counseling,” Principal Bishop said.

“But putting all these resources in a 1/4 mile area is not good for the neighborhood and not good for the homeless,” Father John said. “When you concentrate all the services in one place, the homeless will gravitate to that place. There are hundreds of people living in the river banks of the San Diego River, we need to bring the services to the people, instead of having the people come to one place for the services.”

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“Fair Share San Diego” is a new group with a lot of hope. At this point, however, it’s going to take divine intervention to stop the city from moving in.

It was fatal. The decision to cluster homeless people in one small area was fatal. The city is taking us down the same path.

The homeless storage is located on Commercial and 20th.

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