The Goodwill store in Imperial Beach re-opens after renovation

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) – Goodwill’s Imperial Beach Retail Store has completed a large renovation, making your favorite store new again. The enhanced shopping experience will be unveiled on January 16 and the store will be fully stocked with amazing products. The store now has nearly 2,200 of additional retail floor space, a new production room and offices totaling 3,200 square feet, a new break room for ambassadors and a new loading dock which will keep trucks out of the street.

GISD uses the revenue generated from the sale of donated goods at its retail stores and after-market facilities to fund job training programs and employment services. Goodwill San Diego has been Making Good Happen since 1930.

KUSI’s Allie Wagner was at the store this morning as they prepared for the customers to begin shopping again.

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