The Great Debate: Do kids really need to be vaccinated?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The American Academy of Pediatrics feels the COVID-19 risk to children is being underplayed, but many prominent health officials strongly disagree.

Specifically, the AAP is touting a study on the number of children experiencing multi-system inflammatory syndrome. According to the AAP, nearly 6,000 children patients have been diagnosed with this particular syndrome in the United States, with 400 of those children living in California.

Dr. Mark Sawyer, from Rady Children’s Hospital and the American Academy of Pediatrics California Chapter, joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy to discuss the risk children face from the coronavirus, and why he feels they need to be vaccinated.

Rudy pointed out Dr. Fauci’s recent admission that the hospitalization numbers for children are exaggerated across the country, but Sawyer insisted the need to vaccinate, despite the children.

Dr. Sawyer began the interview by disagreeing with the general consensus over the last two years that children have little to worry about when it comes to catching the coronavirus. Sawyer warned there are 50 children in his hospital with coronavirus, nine of them in intensive care. Sawyer added, “over the course of the pandemic in the United States, we’ve had 700 deaths in children, which is totally unacceptable, when we now have a way to prevent them (vaccine).”

Sawyer then stated, “roughly half of the kids who died in the United States are healthy, so this is something we see that maybe goes under the radar.” Continuing, “although COVID is much more severely affecting kids than influenza ever did, in terms of severe outcomes.”

As you listen to Sawyer’s comments, it is worth noting that according to CDC statistics, children have essentially zero risk to the coronavirus, with a survival rate of 99.997%.

Covid 19 Survival Rates

Rudy pushed back on Sawyer’s claims, and provided many sources proving children have low risk to the coronavirus.

Sawyer responded, “yes children are less severely affected by COVID, but that doesn’t mean they are not affected severely. So it all depends on how you measure severe outcome.”

Dr. Sawyer and Paul Rudy’s conversation went back and forth, with Sawyer never backing off his bottom line stance, that it’s a misconception to say children are not being seriously affected by COVID.”

Rudy then brought up the parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children, and our politicians and “experts” statements about the vaccine that have turned out to be completely false. Rudy asked, “can you understand why parents have pause” to vaccinate their kids?

Sawyer urged those parents to speak to their doctor, and added that the vaccine will prevent their children from dying.

Before the interview concluded, Rudy asked if doctors like Sawyer are guilty of “spreading fear” when it comes to discussing coronavirus. But Sawyer disagreed and said, “I think we are spreading information. We need parents to realize the risk of COVID and the mechanisms they can take to prevent their kids from getting COVID including wearing masks, trying to avoid crowds, and getting vaccinated.”


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