The importance of mentoring during National Mentoring Month

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – January is National Mentoring Month and according to two successful podcasters mentoring has been proven to support career growth, job retention and increase in wages. Those who have a mentor are more likely to also mentor others. In addition, 71% of fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs internally.

Hosts of The PRessing On in Public Relations podcast Rachel McGuire and Liselle DeGrave stopped by Good Morning San Diego to disucss mentoring.

Tips for Mentors:
• Like friendships, each mentoring relationship is unique, and it’s smart to set up expectations right up front
• Remember that it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a huge impact in someone’s career
• Mentoring relationships don’t have to be short-term; oftentimes, you the relationship could evolve into a friendship

Tips for Mentees:
• Be open to feedback and opportunities for growth
• Look for professional organizations that already have a mentoring program set up where you can be paired with someone in your profession
• Be creative with opportunities to learn. If you don’t have a mentor right now, there are so many free tools – like our podcast – where you can find valuable insights to help you grown in your career


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