The Koffie Co. owner stands up for freedom in opposition of Covid-19 restrictions

ESCONDIDO (KUSI)- The Koffie Co. in Escondido is veteran owned and operated. The owner, David Chiddick has peacefully protested his constitutional rights throughout the pandemic and stayed open throughout the government lockdowns.

The CDC has put out a recommendation that vaccinated individuals should wear a mask indoors and some businesses in San Diego are starting to require proof of vaccination for their employees and their customers.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke to Chiddick on Good Morning San Diego and got his opinion on the matter.

Chiddick says, “Anytime the government or anybody in politics tries to come in and say, ‘you know what, we know what’s best for you and we think it should be mandatory for you to do this this and this’. Anytime that happens to me, it’s a red flag.”

Following that, Chiddick quotes Ronald Reagan, “Some of the most dangerous words in the world are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. Chiddick says, “Thats what we’re hearing right now and it’s taking away peoples freedoms.”

The Koffie Co. owner is involved with reopen San Diego and they encourage other business owners to fight for their freedoms and let the people choose what’s best for them instead of listening to the politicians who are pushing their own agenda.

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