The latest on the Mission Valley stadium site sale

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The purchase price that San Diego State has agreed to pay for the city’s most valuable land asset, the 135 acre stadium site in Mission Valley, is $86.2 million dollars.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, a representative from the City Attorney’s office briefed the Council on some of the issues that still stand in the way of a final deal.

The presentation revolved around some of the details of implementing the provisions of measure G, which authorized the city to sell the land to the university for campus expansion, a stadium, residential housing and a river park.

Working from information provided by the SDSU and the mayor’s office, the staff for city attorney Mara Elliott is working on producing the PSA. That’s short for purchase sale agreement, the legal document that will make the sale official.

The city attorney says she hopes to have a draft copy ready by next Friday with a final version to be presented to the full city council by late January.

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