The Lucky Duck Foundation’s new “Shamrocks and Shipwrecks” homeless initiative

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Last week, San Diego icon Bill Walton made national news after giving an extremely emotional speech about the destruction of “our once great city,” he calls home.

Walton directly and repeatedly called out Mayor Todd Gloria for failing San Diego, as he shared stories of his personal interactions with the homeless people overtaking downtown and Balboa Park.

Back in July 2022, KUSI reported that there was a record number of deaths in our homeless population, and since then, literally nothing has been done. Shortly after that report, Mayor Todd Gloria was caught on video ignoring dozens of homeless people while giving a speech in Downtown to kick-off Comic-Con and open a small new women’s shelter.

But the opening of these small shelters for the homeless aren’t fixing our problem, as the official August count found a record high 1,609 homeless people to be living in downtown San Diego alone.

Bill Walton has had enough, and used his influence to bring attention to the crisis, as he called on Mayor Todd Gloria to resign as a result of his failure to address homelessness.

Walton spoke at The Lucky Duck Foundation’s press conference last week, where he declared the new failed state of San Diego to be called, “GloriaVille.”

The Lucky Duck Foundation’s Executive Director Drew Moser, and Executive Committee Member, Dan Shea accompanied Walton at last Tuesday’s press conference as they detailed their new “Shamrocks and Shipwrecks” homeless initiative.

Walton, Moser and Shea appeared together on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego over the weekend to recap the incredible amount of kindness, support, encouragement and gratitude they have received from the San Diego community since their powerful press conference earlier in the week.

Following their original press conference, Mayor Todd Gloria released a statement condemning and attacking The leaders of The Lucky Duck Foundation. But Walton wasn’t surprised, as he told KUSI’s Jason Austell that he feels Gloria’s statement was “shameless and childish,” adding that that’s what the defenseless do, “attack the messenger.”

Walton explained the Lucky Duck Foundation does not want to allow anyone to live on our streets, as it costs more money to let them live there compared to sheltering them. The full outline of proposed solutions from the group is below:

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Bill Walton’s full speech from last Tuesday’s press conference is below:

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