The Padres hit the road and face different challenges

The headline after the first weekend of Major League Baseball isn’t about the Padres being the last team unbeaten for a couple hours on Sunday, or the resurgence of Wil Myers and Eric Hosmer. Instead its about fearing losing baseball altogether after the stunning revelation that at least 14 members of the Miami Marlins have COVID 19. That led to the cancellation of two games Monday…and an addition game on Tuesday. MLB has canceled the Marlins opener against Baltimore Monday and Tuesday…as well as the Phillies game against New York,

For a few moments Monday morning, it felt like the Padres series finale with the Diamondbacks could be their season finale. The Padres haven’t left San Diego for the past six days and have only had two players test positive for COVID-19, realizing this situation is more of a reminder that the danger hasn’t gone away.

“Everyone just arrived to the field the past 30-40 minutes I mean we haven’t talked much about it. I just found out about it on twitter about 30 minutes ago when I got here and I think we are just trying to see whats going to happen”, said Padres infielder Jake Cronenworth. “We’ve been getting our test results back every day, two days. Its been a pretty quick turn around and honestly out experience has been and we’ve been very fortunate enough for the of us to be negative. Concerns that we’ve had every since we’ve entered this camp and understand the risk involved so I don’t think those concerns and risks will go away at any point of the year and we just have to be as responsible as we can” said Padres Manager Jayce Tingler.

When a Padres player hits a home run, the excitement explodes but when faced with a pandemic how does the team control their praise? “All we can control is what we can control and there’s no doubt. We’ve got to get better or a little bit more discipline in some of those areas. We are trying to keep the space in the dugout as limited as we can, yet have the feel for the team and the teammates to have that chemistry to have that cohesiveness so we are certainly still trying to balance those things right now” said Tingler.

The Padres face more difficult challenges then the ones faced at home now that they have to venture out for the next six days. Tingler added, “Messaging sent out last night on how we are traveling from here to the airport and obviously on the plane to the bus, to the hotel, of the protocols, the responsibilities we have. Our players are somewhat educated on them now and now we have to go out and practice it. Doing those thing guarantee us noting just puts us in a better percentage to stay healthy and safe.”

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