8/30: What’s new with the PPR in 2011?

What's new with the PPR in 2011?

“And we're back.” Welcome to season 13 of the Prep Pigskin Report. Per our PPR custom, I will keep you posted on all things PPR. I will try to have a new entry loaded by 5pm every Tuesday. You can also follow my venture into the Twitterverse @PPRPapaPig.

Our 2011 cast features a couple roster changes. Brandon Stone will take over City Game of the Week duties. Allie Wagner will debut in a new segment featuring the Pop Warner Team of the Week.

Speaking of new features, make sure to check out Ham Radio. Every week we will wire a prominent player for sound! You will get a gritty front-row seat filled with the sights and sounds of high school football.

I also want to encourage everybody to check out our ever expanding social media footprint. Both our website and our Facebook page are undergoing major overhauls. We will make scores, highlights and features available on both our website and Facebook page by the time you wake up Saturday morning.  In some cases, we will post our features before we air them on the PPR! Be sure to check out your school's Team Page on Facebook. We will be posting highlights, features and photos on the individual Team Pages on an almost daily basis. In a couple months there will be a virtual treasure trove of multimedia entertainment for every school in the county!

We are also expanding PPR Plus. In 2011, we will save highlights from several games to be seen exclusively on our internet show immediately following the TV broadcast.  DeJuan Hoggard will once again headline our ragtag crew as we recap the best plays of the night, showcase popular features like the Alarm Clock Pep Rally, and interact with you the viewers in something we call Hog Nation!

Thirteen years ago the PPR was a 15-minute extended sportscast that on a good night featured highlights from 15 games. Today, we don't get warmed up until we hit 25 games and frequently reach over 30 fields throughout San Diego County. Those, along with our 8 weekly features and unique skits, make the PPR the gold standard in live high school football coverage. Nobody is doing what the PPR is doing… nobody would be crazy enough to try!

Check us out this Friday night at 10:30 pm. You will be hooked for life!

Paul Rudy
Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

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