The race for Chula Vista Mayor

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – The big race in the South Bay is for the Mayor’s office in Chula Vista.

In the not-too-distant past, Chula Vista had the distinction of being one of the fastest growing cities in the county.

The South Bay city enjoyed a boom, followed by the rude bust of the recession, and a wave of foreclosures.

Now, on the rebound, the city’s next leader will be expected to continue the city’s path to recovery.

Voters in the South Bay City have two choices in this election.

68-year-old Jerry Rindone, a Republican. He is a former educator, a principal at Hilltop High, and a former City Council member.

He also served for a six years as a the deputy mayor.

The other choice is Democrat Mary Salas.

The 66-year-old candidate also has extensive city hall experience.

She is a current member of City Council, she has had a council seat from 1996 to 2004.

Salas was also elected to the State Assembly.

The new mayor will be succeeding Republican Cheryl Cox who is termed out. During her tenure, Cox helped to advance plans for a resort hotel complex along Chula Vista’s Bayfront.

A project that Jerry Rindone says he will see to completion.

The promise of more development and more jobs is important to Aaron Veatch.

The promise of greater prosperity may not included everyone.

Several people have expressed concern about the homeless, especially those who are veterans.

Keith Melendrez says Mary Salas will get his vote because of her pledge to help the homeless.

Two candidates with similar backgrounds, and the same ambition, to become the next leader in the county’s second largest city.

Chula Vista’s Bayfront development and the building of a four year college or university are some of the big projects that will require a strong leader at the helm.

The race for Mayor of Chula Vista is a close one. In the three person primary, Salas beat Rindone by only five percentage points.

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