The race for San Diego City Attorney

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Law Enforcement and county prosecutors lined up Tuesday to endorse Robert Hickey for City Attorney, the only citywide elected position other than the mayor.

Hickey is the only Republican in the race and is likely to make the runoff in November.

Should he make the runoff, he will likely face one of two formidable Democrats, Rafael Castellanos and Gil Cabrera, neither of whom are prosecutors.

Hickey has the endorsements of Mayor Kevin Faulconer, County Supervisor Ron Roberts, the four Republicans on the city council, several law enforcement unions, the Republican party and the Lincoln Club.

The City Attorney’s office plays a critical role as the city council’s legal advisor on misdemeanor crimes, land use decisions, development and major construction projects.

As the district attorney’s chief gang prosecutor in a high profile murder case 13 years ago, he sent a message to the neighborhoods.

"We sent a message not only to the gang members in the gang community but also to southeast San Diego that we care as much about their cases, and work as hard on their cases as any cases in the community. As city attorney, I will assure that there’s no such thing as an under served community," Hickey said.

"In the Dr. J’s Liquor Store double murder case, Robert Hickey helped deliver a very clear message in south San Diego and that is no community will be left behind," said County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

Hickey has been endorsed by the Police Officers Association, the County Sheriff’s Association and the Deputy District Attorney’s Association.

"Robert Hickey was also selected by his peers in the Deputy District Attorney’s Association as the 2011 prosecutor of the year, said Steve Walter of the Deputy District Attorney’s Association.

"We know better than anyone else after having him as our leader that he will make the people of San Diego very proud to have him as our city attorney," Walter added.

Sheriff Bill Gore emphasized Hickey’s ability to bring all law enforcement together.

"When you see the rank and file come together with the leadership of law enforcement, I think that speaks volumes really to Robert Hickey’s qualifications to be the next City Attorney of San Diego," Sheriff Gore said.

As the only Republican in the race, Hickey will likely make the November runoff election.

He will have two main challengers, Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, who has raised the most money, and has several Democratic club endorsements and support from council members David Alvarez and Myrtle Cole.

The other is Gil Cabrera, former Head of the Ethics Commission, who is endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and support from council members Todd Gloria and Marti Emerald.

He’s second in the money race.

Two others are running, Mara Elliot, currently Jan Goldsmith’s Chief Deputy, and Bryan Pease, a newcomer to the race.

Both are well behind in campaign funds.

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