The Road to the USS Midway

Dear PPR Fans,

You may have heard that our year end Silver Pigskin Gala is changing venues. After 8 happy years inside the hallowed halls of the Brietbard Hall of Champions, this year’s Gala is moving inside the hanger bay of the USS Midway Museum!

It’s with mixed emotions that we leave our Balboa home away from home. The folks at the Hall of Champions have bent over backwards to help us build the Gala into the one-of-a kind celebration that it is. Anybody who has ever attended the Gala knows the atmosphere inside the Hall of Champions is pitch perfect.

But just like the NFL moving it’s draft from New York City to Chicago, sometimes a change in venue helps prevent the show (and the host) from becoming stale. That said, if you’re going to leave a time honored site like the Hall of Champions you had better have a special alternative. I think we can agree the USS Midway Museum certainly qualifies as special.

From the moment you step aboard the floating museum you are surrounded by a sense of history and pride.  I am reminded of my favorite naval quote from Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, "There are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men , out of necessity , are forced by circumstance to meet".  While I appreciate the Admiral’s sentiment I can’t help but consider all the great challenges the USS Midway faced during its 47 year career. I am of the opinion there was nothing "ordinary" about the men and women who served with distinction aboard this historic carrier.

Walking through the Midway museum is a history lesson like no other. You can still feel the pride, honor and sacrifice of those who toiled above and below the flight deck. The Silver Pigskin Gala attempts to evoke those same emotions by recognizing the commitment and sacrifice of our county’s best high school football athletes. That’s why we think it will be such a good fit. We’ll find out together whether we’re right or not.

The Silver Pigskin Gala aboard the USS Midway is set for Tuesday, December 15th.  It’s an invitation only event but can also be seen on KUSI-TV. The red carpet show begins at 5:30 pm with the main event scheduled for 6 pm.

It seems like a ways off now but trust me; it will be upon us sooner than you think! Until then thanks for watching the PPR.

Paul Rudy/Prep Pigskin Report  

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